Why crossfit is great for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur I endure a lot of stress over the days. It’s the way you handle the stress that will make you a winner or a loser. It’s part mental but also part physical, and that’s why I take my physical fitness very serious.

“Look in the mirror. That’s your competition.”

Crossfit is a great way to keep your body in shape and “shock” your body in to moving. When I first started out with Crossfit it was a complete shock to me how hard it was. Now I feel very fit. It’s completely different than going to a gym and “do your thing”. I have done that for years. Crossfit also keeps you mentally in to shape. You get a “winners” attitude. Why? Because you get pushed all the time and I also have the luxory of being pushed by my coach (right-side person on the photo).

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.”

When you are mentally and physical strong, your business decisions will be better and you will be able to handle more stress. This is the reason why a lot og C-level executives and business owners do crossfit. You are more energized, strong (physically and mentally) and have a go-do-it attitude. If you’ve read my past posts you understand how important this is.

The mental stability and strength you need in business will be trained as well. If you thought that the only thing that’s being trained is your body, then think again. I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay calm in turbulent situations. You will make better business decisions, be less aggressive and overal a nicer and friendlier person.

So when you’re a business owner and feel slow, tired and overall stressed? Move your body! Don’t give me the “I have no time” BS. Everybody has time, as long as you give it the right priority.

On your success!

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