What I learned in business

When you enter into business, it’s completely different than being an entrepreneur. For starters: you are responsible for everything, including your own paycheck. There are some things that I learned that I want you to know so you don’t make the same mistakes… or maybe you should just to learn what not to do.


Work with the right people — you really have to have the right suppliers to work with. I have made the mistake of working with people that had other intentions than offering the right services to me, rather they tried to make money off of me, which is of course unacceptable. You get what you tolorate so I had to end such supplier relations of course, but it cost you a lot of time, money, headache and frustration. So please, work with the right people and do your screening. See who their customers they are, how much clients they have and what their quality of work is.


Don’t chase price, go for quality — when you are trying to find the right supplier; look for quality over price. It will save you a lot of money and stress later on. We always tell this to customers as well as we have the experience that most people only look at price and go with the best over, totally disregarding the fact that paying peanuts gets you monkeys. Do yourself and your clients a favour and go with quality over price. And if you have an objection like: “well, my clients can’t pay XYZ”. Then find other customers that can pay the quality you have.


Don’t work for money — when you are working for money instead of joy, you’ve taken the wrong path and business. Find a business that you would love to work for even if you didn’t get paid. That’s true freedom and happyness there. When you enjoy your work you give you 110% and the money will come with the quality and skills you offer.


Fire the wrong customers — you know those clients that constantly find a way to complaint even though the service they got is exactly what they would have gotten and you told them they would get? They pay two pennies and don’t want to pay anything more than that? Get rid of them. Those clients will suck the life out of you and it’s not worth it. Rather find clients that understand your true value and the true value of your product. Of course make sure your product is great. Don’t sell garbage and expect to be paid in diamonds.


Hire the right people — the right team is very important. Weed out the wrong, lazy or toxic people in your organization before it ruins the office moral. Find the right people, ask the right questions and give them compliments where they deserve it.


These are some of the most important things I learned in my business experience.


On your success!


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