Take Risks

It may sound cheesy “take risks” but i’m very serious. If you don’t take risks you will not win. Period.


There’s no progress without effort. Too many people (read: 95%) are afraid of taking risks. They prefer to live in a small house, pay their taxes and don’t dream too big. They find the middleclass (having a car and a house with high debt) “making it”. Meanwhile they’ve NO money, A LOT of stress and no positive future. They can have a positive future if they stop being afraid and start to take more risks.


So start your own business – even if it’s a side business. Do something to come out of your comfort zone and aim for the starts. What’s the worse thing that can happen? So you lose your investment (money, time and energy). At least you can say you tried it instead of wondering how things could have worked out if you grew the balls to do something.


There’s no guarantee you’ll succeed, but there’s always a chance you will if you take the right steps. If you read my articles often i’m sure you can find something that resonates with you.


So my message to you today is: take risks, it’s worth it. You either earn a lot or you learn a lot.


Good luck, you can do it.


On your success!


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Ralph Karseboom is an Entrepreneur, all round IT guy, motivator & Writer. Find more information about him at https://www.ralphkarseboom.com


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