Start selling with the M.T.N.U.T. rule

Do you want to become a master in selling? Then this might help you!

Today I will bring up the M.T.N.U.T. rule in selling. What is the MTNUT rule? It’s short for Money, Time, Need, Urgency and Trust. The MTNUT rule explaines the 5 most objective responses on your sales calls or meetings.

M: Lets start with the first one, M, the M from MONEY. The basic reply I always get is “we do not have the money for this service”. Which is basically BS as they always have the money, they just don’t know if they should spend it at your company yet.  If the prospect starts with this objection then I advice you to tell that customer that your services actually saves that customer money. And I mean not just saying “well we will safe you money” but actually explain it. If you are into automazation then you could explain to that prospect that your service can eliminate hours of work, which will cost the company money if they have to hire staff or let their current staff do those tasks that can be automated.

T: Time. “I do not have time to setup my services with your company right now”. This one is an actual important objection as you should understand that your customer just does not want the whole struggle to have to transfer their services from one provider to you. How to resolve this? Just offer them free (or paid when needed) migration services. This will eliminate the whole objection of time. There is no time to waste as you will eliminate all the time consuming tasks for them.

N: No need. Here is where most salespeople just back off and say “well he/she doesn’t NEED my services”. But what if that prospect just doesn’t know yet that they need your service? It’s your sales job and duty to actually show them why they NEED your service. That’s why you are hired; to sell! You need to make sure they see why they NEED your service.

U: Urgency. You need to create urgency for your client that they have to act fast. Your client may say “well, we do not need this now but maybe later”. This is where you have to implement urgency. For instance: “this product will make sure that your company will reduce it’s costs, which will save you costs from the beginning AND will make sure you have a 10% higher revenue in this year. Now this is something your prospect might find interesting as profits are always URGENT. Besides profits there are tons of other reasons why something might be urgent. Just think about how your client needs your product urgently.

T: Trust. This is probably the most important one. If your prospect has no trust in you then you won’t sell anything to them. Always make sure that you understand your prospects objections and make sure you have the proper answers and make sure you are credible. You can’t promise the world if you can’t actually make it reality. Make sure you also refer that prospect to reviews about your company so you can gain some more trust.

With these 5 rules your sales will increase. Just try them and please let me know if it helped with a comment below.


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