Procrastination is killing your potential

We all know the kind of people that are constantly talking about what they could’ve, should’ve and would’ve done… but never did. You know procrastination is killing your potential, but why do people still do it?


It’s easy to postpone tasks. Nobody likes to do the dirty work but it has to be done. If you want to know for instance what kind of girl or boy you’re dating: walk into their home and see how it’s cleaned and if it’s cleaned. It tells you a lot about the person and if the person procrastinates a lot (which equals to a messy house).


So now we know procrestination is keeping you away from success in your business, but also relationships, how do we solve it?


Have plan. Write everything down on paper, preferably in a planner. Plan your whole day ahead on the evening before. This way you can’t procrastinate when you are in the office the following morning as you know exactly what you have to do. Make a plan from 6AM – 10PM. Yes, 6AM. If you want success badly you need to do whatever it takes.


Start doing this for 60 days and you will see change instantly. You can do it!


On your success!


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