How to use your smartphone to your (business) advantage

We all see and know people that are on their smartphone constantly. But are they working or are they just distracted by the “social feeds”. Don’t be a slave of your phone, make your phone your slave. Here’s how:

Post, don’t read — what I mean with this is that you should use your social channels to sell, not to lurk at other people. We all know how it feels to spend countless hours on social media scrolling for the latest cat videos. But this will never make you any money, name or give you any new clients. If you are selling a product or service you need to be on social media, but too little people are really using all the “buttons”.

Don’t be shy — I know it’s hard to start at first. You are unsure if people will like your content once you are going into public. But rest assured: you will get haters but you will get a lot of fans as well. That’s just how life is. So it’s way better to put content out there in the world and see if people like it, which they probably will if it resonates with them.

You are valuable — don’t feel small or devalued. Everybody has to contribute something to the world. For you it might be speaking in public about business and your experiences while for somebody else it’s helping people in need. All is very good and all have equal value for humanity, but the highest paid as in $ is being publicly known for what you do in business. Something that you can sell.

Sell, sell & sell — you are probably afraid to sell. But why? You are shooting in your own foot this way. If you don’t sell in business you are not making any money. Sales is the highest paid job there is in the world. The top sales people in the world make a fortune, and with Social Media it’s way easier to reach a big audience. So what are your waiting for? Get your social channels going!

On your success!

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