Entrepreneurs and vacations

Yep. I’ve had a vacation, since 7 years. It was nice? For sure! Did I like the 3 weeks with my girlfriend? I sure did! Should you go on a vacation when you’re just starting your business? Don’t think so!

You know, it’s easy to go on vacation and think you “deserve” it, or whatever that means. You rather spend a month abroad and come back to an empty bank account because your business has been standing still those 4 weeks? I hope not.

You see… it’s OK to wind down a bit sometimes, but you can’t afford it when you’re just starting out. When you have a team that can take over some of your tasks when you’re gone, then you have some time for freedom. Being an Entrepreneur isn’t so holy jolly as most people probably think. It’s long days and long nights, stress and more stress. Watching your cashflow and controlling your mind to not burn down.

Ok… that sound depressing right? Well, not really. It’s a great thing. Work is a great thing. Having purpose and passion in life is critcal for an happy life. You need satisfaction and gratification. But this all with not happen without hard work. If you only want to work 40 hours per week; get a job. You want to do whatever it takes? Then take the leap into entrepreneurship.

I wish you all the love, wealth, health and happiness!

On your success!

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