Education does not stop at school

You’ve got a degree? That’s terrific, but it’s not the only thing you’ll need to succeed in business and to succeed financially. Unfortunately our schools teach very little about finances, how to aquire financial freedom and how to build business. And the problem is that people think that they don’t need anymore education after they leave school. Big mistake and i’m telling you here straight why this is a big mistake.

Education doesn’t end at college. Too many people think they’ve made it after they leave college. They think they can start at a job right away. That’s what college is for; getting people ready for jobs. But is this something you really want? When I was in school they never talked about being an entrepreneur and how to manage money and how to educate you after school. To me this are critical skills for anybody that left college. Unfortunately too many youngh people leave college and are completely confused at what it is they want or they have to do or where they have to work. They are carrying a high student debt and are worrying about paying off that debt and come to a conclusion that college didn’t help them at all with teaching them about the rules of money. They’ve not talked about investing besides 401(k) and other retirement plans.


Thats where I also wondered why they don’t teach you about investing, business or money in general at school. My answer was: because the teachers have no idea, that’s why they teach history for instance and not finances. That to me was a good explenation but still no cure for the lack of financial literacy between people. I shortly found out that teaching yourself about money and investing is not that difficult, if you find the right mentors and books. Unfortunately a small percentage of people read books after they leave college, which is a big mistake. You can’t know everything you leave school and you will never know enough and can never learn enough. The world is in constant change and you have to adopt and adjust your skills accordingly.


So if there’s one thing we people need to do is to educate ourselves and one another. Start reading books from other successful people in your field and soon you will have some great ideas to use for yourself.


Good luck!


On your success!


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