Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but so is life.

There’s always people that think everything is hard. Yes being an Entrepreneur is hard, but so is being working till you’re 65 to just have enough money to survive. So why not work your ass off for 5 or 10 years and reap the fruits of your effort way earlier? Yes being an entrepreneur isn’t something anybody can achieve as you need to be able to withstand high amounts of pressure and stress. Though, nobody told you that life would be easy, right? And if somebody did they lied to you.

In my opinion life is about constant expansion. How tall does a tree grow? As tall as it possibly can. So why don’t people achieve as much as they can? An easy explenation is that they are lazy. A more through explenation would be that people are being enabled to be lazy. The government enables them to stay at home on welfare. Employers enable people to “just do enough” to not be thrown out of the company. Too many people are average people managers, nothing more nothing less. In my opinion you must be able to motivate your employees as an entrepreneur and enable them to achieve their highest potential and thrive with you in the business, not just be around and do their thing.


If you are that entrepreneur that thinks that just doing enough will make you enough money, think again. Your clients are not attracted to an average person or product. They want the best and you should strive to be the best and do this for your employees as well.


Just my 2cents.


On your success!


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