Are you actually selling?

So, to start with. Do you understand what selling is? Selling is not “showing” the prospect the product and trying to get a sales that way. Sales isn’t answering a sales e-mail or ticket either. Sales is also not posting stuff on Social Media – that’s all marketing. But do you really understand what sales is?


Selling is not “showing” people your product or shouting out specifications of your products. Selling is 80-90% of the time listening to your clients problem(s) and 10% of the time showing how you can solve those problems and close the deal.


Last time I had somebody in my office talking to me about how great their product is and take well over 30 minutes or more to talk about how great their product is – they’ve lost me. I just tune out. I have no interest anymore. Sounds hard but it’s not just me, it’s with any business out there. When you come in as “salesguy” and you start talking about how great your product is and why I need it without even asking me if I even need it, or what problems it solved for ME, then you’ve lost the sale.


And that’s what happens with salespeople. They get lost and blame the clients, prospect, product or their boss. They think it’s because of XYZ instead of themselves. They are presenting the product wrongly.


So please… next time you enter a sales meeting, politely introduce yourself and ask the prospects which problems they might have, and then try to solve those and you have a sale. It’s easier than you think! Just don’t do the whole 45 minutes presentation with your greatly designed powerpoint slides. It’s damn boring. Thank you & good luck!


On your success!


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